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Wyndswept English Setter

      We have a very small group of breeding dogs and therefore they are all house dogs. Our dogs are not kennel dogs. Our females have their puppies in the house and they are raised there until they are 4 weeks old. At 4 weeks (or whenever we cannot keep them in the whelping box anymore) we move them to our indoor/outdoor facility. There they learn to use a pet door. Our puppies are relatively house broken if their new home also has a pet door. They get an abundance of handling and attention from birth until the time they leave with their new owners.

      In my opinion, the English setter has relatively few major health issues that have to be addressed as a breeder compared to many other dog breeds.  There are 5 major health problems that cause concern for the English setter breeder and owner.  They are seizure disorder (epilepsy), hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, congenital deafness and hypothyroidism.  We OFA certify all of our breeding animals for hips and elbows. We also BAER test all of our puppies at 7 weeks of age for normal hearing. Because puppies can be tested before they leave the breeder, this problem should never become the problem of a new puppy owner.  We are very concerned about all of these problems and very carefully research health history when going out of our kennel to find breeding animals.

If you have questions or want more in depth information on any of these conditions
you are welcome to email me at:

      The English setter by nature and temperament is a true family dog. They are mild-mannered and sweet, love people of all ages and can be trusted around children. English Setters are sociable creatures who crave the company of humans and are not well suited to kennel life. They want to be included in all family activities, are small enough to travel well in the car, and athletic enough to be a great jogging or hiking companion.

      We pay very close attention to temperament in our breeding program. While we raise setters for show and hunting, English setters are first and foremost pets in our life and the homes we place them in. For that reason we strive to breed sound temperaments that will make our setters friendly and loyal companions for the individuals or families that choose a Wyndswept English setter.
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